luts for video and photoshop

Luts for Color Grading Videos and photos



Download 12 cinematic LUTs for your next photography and video project. Easily apply a cinematic look in Premiere Pro, and Photoshop, In this Package, you will get 12 Lus file to make your photos the most beautiful ever.

  • It is easy to use it: in Photoshop go to adjustments select Color lookup in 3DLUT File select Load 3D Lut and choose The lut file which you like.
  • Rock Filter (or Rock Lut) it is good to use it in lowlight conditions.
  • I made 2 filter of Greenpower To match your vision. there is (strong Greenpower, and normal Greenpower).
  • you could use it with premiere pro to make your footage more spirited.
  • Please do not expect to a lut to do all the work for your photos, you need to change and adjust photo and play with (shadows, Highlights, white balance and other preferences.

You can get it from Creative market from this link, Or buy it directly through this box: